Patchwork, Work, Work

Of the emerging denim trends, I am definitely most fond of the patchwork style. When first hearing the word “patchwork,” I often think of crafty looking quilts or vintage couch furnishings that lack taste. However, patchwork denim helps reinvent the meaning of that word by now correlating it to a high standard.

Most commonly seen in jeans, the trend can be minimal with a sole patch on one knee or a bit more out there with various patches. However, by keeping the denim in quite similar hues, the effect lends itself to chic and cool, instead of cluttered and crafty. The trend is also being seen in jackets and dresses; blending in with the new “modern western” vibe.

Ksenia Rybe illustrated some of my favorite pieces, including a jacket by Saint Laurent and a dress available from ASOS.